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First, let's demystify the whole process of getting your business onto the web.

There are three key elements necessary to get your business on the web; 1) arranging for an ISP (Internet Service Provider), 2) designing a web page, and 3) Uploading the web page to your ISP's server.

Internet Service Providers:

There are many options for your internet service provider. The first option would be the ISP you are currently using for email, if you currently have access to email. There is a monthly charge from ISPs for hosting your web site; actually, renting you space on their hard drive and servicing your email. I recommend an ISP in local community. It's always easier to walk into their offices if you have trouble or make a local call with their tech support service.

Designing a Web Page

Web pages are typically designed in a web language called HTML. They may also use JAVA Script if you want a fancy page which potentially takes forever to load for your customers. I do not use, nor do I recommend Java Script pages. Keep the customer in mind when designing a web page. Customers don't want to wait to see your expensive graphics. They want to get information and hopefully, order products from you. Make it easy to do this. Always design your web page with the customer's knowledge and convenience in mind.

Uploading your files to the ISP server

After your web page is designed, you or someone else will have to use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program to get your files to the ISP's server. Your ISP will give you special codes with which to access your page. After your files have been uploaded to the ISP server, you're "on the web". This is only the beginning, how are people going to find you? Click here to go to my page on web promotion and web design "No-Nos".

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